It was 15 years ago today…

May 11, 2007

..that I stared work at my current employer.

5 roles, 4 office locations and 2 marriages later I’m still there. These days seem to be the most difficult in a long tenure with more uncertainty than ever. However, whenever people ask why I’m still there I’ve generally been at a loss to explain it…until recently. There is an emotional tie that is difficult to break that a lot of people don’t and possibly could never have. In the time I’ve been there we’ve (see, I’m talking about it as a “we”) have actually been 3 different companies and I’ve seen it change and morph and am heavily involved in the most recent change. That creates a bond. Any illusions about that being a bond based on two way loyalty were recently destroyed when another long serving member was made redundant in what can be at best be described as a clumsy manner but I’ve not packed my bags, am still one of the first in and one of the last to leave.

The last 15 years have been interesting, frustrating, educational, inspirational, emotional but rarely boring. Right now I’m wondering if my commitment to the cause through thick and thin will ultimately result in the success I crave….or has been misguided and naive. I guess the next few months may well tell.

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