Sublime Golf

May 24, 2007

So it took 6 pretty horrible holes in which the highlights were my playing partner getting par on the 4th and me parring the 5th and hitting 7s and 8s for the others when a moment that will probably live with both of us for a long time arrived. No practice shot, just ball down, driver out and straight and long followed by my slightly more prepared but equally straight and long drive. Now us both hitting the fairway is rare, for us to both hit the fairway and be a long way from the tee is unheard of. We set off down the 354 yard walk to the hole, got to the 150 yard marker and the balls were still some way in front of us. The look that passed between us said it all “how far!?” “You’d think we were tour pros” might have been pushing it but we waved to the imaginary crowd anyway. We’d hit to within 3 feet of each other and about 270-280 yards. It had to be a fluke, it had to go wrong. We both take a pitching wedge to the middle of the green and 2 putts for par. OK, so the next wasn’t so good and the 7 and 8 on the 9th was more of a reflection of the round as a whole….but guess which hole we discussed most over the post game beer!

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