Someone ran into the back of me in February resulting in my car needing a new rear bumper. The insurance company of the other driver called me to offer to do all the work but I decided to use my own insurance company and pay the excess which I knew I would be able to recover. The work was carried out within a couple of days and my car was as good as ever.

It is now 3 months later and the insurance company have written to say they are trying to recover my excess under uninsured loss but the other insurance company deny all knowledge of the incident and they are “making their allegations known”. Why does it take so long? The other insurance company have already admitted liability!

Now, if I were the cynical type, I might conclude that it is not in the insurance companies interests to recover these losses too quickly as it means they need to pay us from their coffers. Insurance company A won’t chase insurance company B too hard if insurance company B doesn’t chase insurance company A too hard and in the meantime the money can sit in their accounts earning a nice sum of interest. Cynical? Moi?