Xbox 360 – Wireless Connections

July 25, 2007

Having decided that it’s a pain having a ethernet cable trailed across the living room to get on Xbox Live I’ve been looking at wireless connections for the Xbox 360. Microsoft have one, obviously, but it’s around £60 in Game or £50 on eBay. I also have an Apple Airport Express that I use to stream iTunes music to my stereo. This has an ethernet port built in but just simply plugging a cable into it and the Xbox didn’t do anything. Several searches on Google and up came a lot of info on how to use a Linksys WRT54G with a third party firmware in client mode acting as an ethernet bridge. I have one of those sitting in a cupboard but it just seemed too much like hard work and would be another box sitting with the TV etc. A bit more searching and I find that the Airport can use WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to extend an Apple router based wireless network but it’s hit and miss with other routers. Setting it up was a little tricky but in the end it connected to the network, the BT hub say it as a WDS enabled device and lo and behold it worked! Xbox Live connected fine and downloaded an update for the game I was playing. The acid test was that iTunes still worked – and it did !

Buoyed by this success I then pushed my luck and tried to setup streaming from my Vista desktop to Media Center running on the Xbox. Setting up the connection between the two machines was pretty straightforward but then I hit a snag. Streaming DivX isn’t supported…but there’s a neat extension to Media Center at http:\\ that adds an additional option to the menu for video files – it transcodes DivX on the fly to a format supported by Media Center and it works a treat.


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