iPod Classic

September 12, 2007

I recently got to the point where my third-generation iPod was almost full. I was about to order a new one when I decided to do a little research first as the last time I bought one Apple released a newer version within weeks and lightning was bound to strike twice! There were loads of rumours on the net about a new widescreen iPod with a virtual touch wheel but no dates or details. I decided I’d wait a little and see what happened. Next thing, there’s a report on a news site that reporters had been invited to see an Apple presentation – more rumours abounded….and then, there they were, the new iPods. The new Nano is much nicer in real life than it looks on the website but is way too small in terms of storage, the iPod touch looks like an iPhone but without the phone and is again too small in terms of storage and the classic iPod is now called the iPod Classic. The great thing is that the capacity of the largest one has doubled and it’s price has dropped. Way too tempting! Except what had they done to the colours? No white iPod Classic! Silver with white wheel or all black are the only options now. I plumped for the silver one, added the free engraving option (an iPod and a Fender Strat…what else do I need!) but never got past the Order Now page.

Yesterday I had an hour to kill in London and so wandered to the Apple Store on Regent Street. The silver one looks horrible in reality, the silver and white doesn’t work together whereas the black one now looks great. The matte finish really sets it off well. The new interface is wonderful, cover flow seems to work, the search is quick…hand over credit card, walk out with nice new iPod. Oh, and shopping in the Apple Store is cool – handheld payment terminals like a lot of places but these ones email your receipt to you!

My original iPod came in packaging that made you marvel, this one is more simple and includes the bare minimum for use. It doesn’t even include the slip case of the last iPods. USB cable plugged in and 8000 songs sync’d in an hour or so…in real world use cover flow is slightly flawed in that it sorts by artist so doesn’t keep compilations together (although there is a way to get around this), the airplay FM transmitter works but I can’t change the frequency easily but other than that it is a gem and I love it.