iPod Classic – 6 weeks later

October 31, 2007

2 firmware updates later and I still love it. Cover Flow seems to be receiving a lot of bad coverage but I really like it and use it most of the time. It’s just like flipping through your record collection (remember those? I still have a couple of hundred LPs in boxes in a cupboard) but without having to alphabetically order them each time you buy a new one. Now if it just ordered them by date within artist I would be truly happy – yes, I am that anal about it.

The finish seems to be a lot more durable than the old 3G version, the matt black is really very nice and I learned to not worry about the highly polished chrome back too much a long time ago.

The new screen is lovely, the mix of album art, fonts and play information is real eye candy compared to all previous iPods.

The bad – well, the battery has drained completely twice when I thought it was off and locked. This is a problem reported by other people as well so will hopefully be fixed in another firmware update. Other than that I don’t have any major problems.

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