November 14, 2007

LogMeIn.com is my favourite web application right now. Installed on both my home machine and my work machine it gives me secure access to either one of them from the other. Now normally that means that I can control my home one from work but this morning I got to try it the other way round. Waking up with the answer to a problem that’s been bugging me I could connect to my work machine and check that my idea was right. Even better, there’s a version that works under Windows Mobile 6 so I can access them both from my phone. Best of all…it just works! No fuss, no errors, no swearing at it as it refuses to do something. Sometimes technology is wonderful!


A Big Step

November 11, 2007

Today was a big day for me. Today, me and the boys went out for lunch with my girlfriend. OK, my Mum and Dad were there as well and that made it a bit easier but even allowing for that, today was a big step along the road to some sort of normality. I know there are other single dads that introduce their kids to every girlfriend but I’m not like that. We’ve been seeing each other for well over a year and it’s taken a lot of soul searching (do atheists have souls to search?) to get to this point. It might sound really strange but today felt normal, it wasn’t “best behaviour” from the boys, there was no “making an effort”, it just worked and I write this almost in tears – just not sure if it’s from relief or from the realisation that things just might be alright after all.

Irresponsible Marketing

November 5, 2007

On Friday I received an email from DVD rental company LoveFilm welcoming me back. This was strange as I left LoveFilm some time ago and, despite frequent offers trying to persuade me to re-join, I hadn’t agreed to reinstate my account. My initial reaction was to think that my email address had been used or someone was using my name to rent DVDs. I checked my email for the last week or so and there was nothing else about rejoining them. Then I got annoyed, this was looking like some very presumptive marketing. I replied asking them to clarify if this was just marketing or if someone had tried to use my email address to reactivate my account. Sure enough, it was marketing, an offer to rejoin.

I consider this to be completely irresponsible. We’re constantly being warned about identity theft and then the morons within LoveFilm’s marketing department decide to send “Welcome back” emails rather than the standard “We’d like you back” type.

I will not be reinstating my account with LoveFilm. I have emailed them asking them to remove my name and email address from any database they have. They have managed to completely piss me off and I would recommend anyone use any other DVD rental service but them.