I’ve been using a HTC TyTn II phone (branded as an O2 Xda Stellar) for almost a month now and it is a superb piece of kit. It has had loads of rave reviews and I can see why. It has pretty much everything I could want in a phone/pda/mp3 player/sat nav – it does all these things very well indeed. In fact I’d argue that it’s weakest area is being a phone! It’s quite heavy too compared to the old O2 Orbit if I’m really looking for issues.

I saw a bluetooth stereo headset (Jabra BT320s) for a good price on the ‘net and took the plunge. Initial impressions were rather disappointing, there was a lot of background hiss and it dropped out pretty frequently. One firmware upgrade later and things improved but it was still hissy. Then I began the investigation in volume controls. Believe it or not, to get sound from the mp3 player into your ears involves 3 volume controls and I had one of them (the main phone one, the one with the biggest impact) turned down low. Once this was increased and the mp3 player one lowered slightly the hiss was gone and the quality good enough to consider leaving the iPod in the car and using this on the train. It also has the benefit of interrupting the music if you get a call. 4Gb MicroSD cards are now ridiculously cheap too so it’s easy to carry around a handful of albums on the phone.