New Golf Clubs

August 18, 2008

I’ve been "playing" for a couple of years now but don’t have a handicap. My beginners set had served me pretty well but I was in a bit of a rut. The more-than-occasional 9 on the score card was getting to me and I wasn’t enjoying playing as much as I had been. Then American Golf had an offer on a set of Mizuno MX-17 clubs. I tried them in the shop and they felt great. My girlfriend offered to pay some of the cost as a birthday present and I couldn’t wait to get them. As a final hurrah I played the local 9 hole course using just my old irons and did ok. Urged on by the new clubs I set myself a couple of goals for the rest of the summer. First to break 50 at least twice for 9 holes and to get a proper handicap. The first goal was achieved in under a week of having the Mizunos. I went from mid 50s to high 40s after 2 rounds.

I also bought a TaylorMade R7 Draw driver and a Wilson Deep Red rescue club. As of now I’m not hitting either particularly well and think this is mainly down to thinking about it too much. My old driver and rescue were never favourite clubs and I need to get my head game sorted as much as my hand position through contact.

Yesterday I played 18 holes with the new set for the first time and it was a disaster. My swing deserted me, I didn’t hit a single fairway for the first 9 holes and it was only my putting that saved me from complete embarrassment. Tonight I need to head to the range and see what I was doing so wrong. Instead of being downbeat I’m pretty optimistic that I can work it out and start swinging well again. I want to get out and play again and prove it.