Duffing the last

September 2, 2008

After playing the magnificent course at Pitlochry with it’s stunning views, blind tees and greens and steep uphill climb for the first 3 holes I then played my best ever round at the local 18 hole course, finally breaking 100. Delighted is an understatement. Last night we played the local 9 hole course and despite not hitting the ball very well got round in a respectable score. Tonight was a different matter; still not striking the ball fantastically well but the 8s were staying off the card. Until the 9th. A 10. A bloody 10. A disastrous 10. A "why do I bother with this stupid bloody game" 10. It was still a reasonable score but a 10 really hurts and a 10 on the last hurts more than any other; there’s no next hole to try to make amends on, no next shot to put it behind you on. You just have to finish the round and write the 10 on the card…and go home.


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