Its been quite a year already

February 20, 2009

I can’t believe it’s the third week in February and this is the first post of the year. I’ve neglected this blog so far as I’ve been thinking about doing something different and I’ve also been spending time on Twitter (if you don’t know what Twitter is then you’ve not read a paper or watched TV this year).

In terms of things I’d normally blog about a lot has happened; we’ve got rid of almost all the staff at work, there are now only two of us fulltime; the boys are growing up quickly and this is both exciting and challenging; I need an operation on my knee to trim a torn cartilage; we’re trying to get a weekend away to just be a couple rather than a pair of nervous wrecks and on top of all that my girlfriend has started a new job. Phew! Quite a year already, and it’s still only February.


Commuting by train

December 18, 2008

Travelling into London by train is something I do occasionally and the microcosm that is the commuter train is always interesting. There are never enough seats and people protect their personal space with a variety of techniques; there’s the bag on the seat next to them, the sitting slightly sideways to give the appearance of taking up 2 seats, and a new one I saw this morning, sitting with laptop on knee with a notebook on the adjacent seat; the subliminal message being that to ask to sit would be disturbing their work as well as invading their space. As they say there’s nowt as weird as folk.


November 20, 2008

A few things have made me feel really proud of people recently. The first is my youngest son who had surgery to remove a lump from his neck. He was not phased by this at all; didn’t create a fuss when they anaesthetised him, didn’t make a fuss afterwards (to the point where he actually asked to go back to school after a few days as he was missing his friends) and has taken the whole thing in his stride. The second is my girlfriend who recently lost her job; despite being treated very poorly by her employer and having grounds to complain about her treatment she has remained dignified and professional throughout.

Both of them are shining examples of how to behave when life throws a curve ball at you and I am so proud of them.

Emotional wreck

October 26, 2008

Dropping the boys back and driving away still breaks my heart. When they cling to me and tell me how much they miss me I never want to let them go. Then I feel guilty and question again whether I did the right thing. The loss associated with not seeing them and not getting to tuck them in each night is horrible and as the tears come part of me remembers just how bad it was; just how abusive it was; the year of therapy to stop thinking I deserved it. Rather than feeling guilty I should be feeling angry that I’m here but somehow never manage it.

An unexpected pleasure

October 24, 2008

I have new neighbours; they’re originally from Hungary and last week they invited me round for a drink as an introduction. On the allotted night I was tired, had a load of things to do before having the boys for the weekend and was very tempted to make my excuses and rearrange it. My conscience got the better of me though and so I popped round with the only bottle of cold wine in my fridge. I was greeted warmly and given a choice of Hungarian wines that turned out to be very drinkable; given that my neighbour is the sommelier at a top hotel I shouldn’t have been so surprised. The wine flowed, the conversation was interesting, ranging from wine to Hungarian history to how to get our kids to practise their spelling. Time to head home came all too soon, I was enjoying their company and the wine. I’d gone from thinking that I’d just pop round for a hour or so before getting on with some chores to thinking they were really nice, interesting people and I’d really enjoyed myself. Sometimes making a small effort pays dividends; there’s a lesson there I think.

What’s so hard about tea

October 21, 2008

What is it about our European and American cousins that they find making a cup of tea so difficult. Even the ultra-lazy method of dropping a tea bag into a mug and adding boiling water eludes them. Instead they deliver a pot of hot water and a selection of individually wrapped tea bags. So instead of a nice refreshing brew you end up with a fairly insipid infusion that somehow masquerades as tea. It’s just not right.

When in Rome…

October 21, 2008

Business takes me to Rome this week for 3 days. I’ve been a couple of times before but never seen any of the sights of this historic city. I hoped this time might be different. Sadly it looks like it’ll be the same story. Rather than just seeing the airport and the client office as per previous trips I can now add the hotel to the list of visited places. The hotel is close to the airport i.e. a good 40 minute taxi ride to the centre of town so sightseeing is difficult. To be honest Rome isn’t the sort of city I really want to wander around on my own, I’d much rather be with someone special and have the time to enjoy it. The time to visit for pleasure rather than business must be fast approaching.